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  • Production of chosen spare parts for repaired vehicles, production of special devices and tools, control and measurement benches, forms for plastic and rubber products, processing tools, blanking tools, bending dies, patterns, stamping dies and rubber products.
  • Complicated assembly works (e.g., industrial assembly of trucks), production and assembly of mechanical and electrical devices.
  • Welding (gas and electric), including steel hard-to-weld, armoured, welding in argon and in carbon dioxide.
  • Machine cut processing, heat treatment and chemical&heat treatment.
  • Electric machines regeneration, especially: generators, starters, electric groups used in military track chain vehicles.


  • Machine cut treatment
  • Heat treatment
  • Galvanic treatment:
    • zinc plating
    • oxidizing
    • technical copperizing
  • Welding
  • Wet painting
  • Grinding
  • Hard soldering
  • Bonding
  • Polishing
  • Possible treatment:
    • Carbon steel
    • Alloy steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Non-ferrous metals and their alloys

Turning lathes and milling machines, digital&manual

  • Fixtured
  • For precision processing

Other machines

  • Optical grinding machines
  • Universal grinding machines for planes and holes
  • Jig drilling machines
  • Intending electro-erosion machine
  • Universal milling machine
  • Hydraulic and eccentric presses
  • Guillotine shear up to 4 mm
  • Universal and turret lathes

maximum dimension of processed object (width x height x depth):  500 x 500 x 500