Presently, we a very broad scope production and services, both for Polish Armed Forces needs fulfilment and for individual customers.

Our basic activities are:
Main, maintenance, medium, result overhauls as well as modernization of tracked and wheeled armoured equipment of Polish Armed Forces, and in particular:

  • T-55, T-72 main battle tanks and special vehicles on their chassis;
  • Goździk 122 mm SP howitzers;
  • infantry fighting vehicles BWP-1 and special vehicles on its chassis;
  • BRDM-2 reconnaissance vehicles;
  • STAR and JELCZ road and all terrain trucks, and special vehicles on their chassis;
  • UAZ 469B, Tarpan Honker all terrain cars, and special vehicles on their chassis;
  • AUTOSAN and JELCZ buses.

We possess unique repair technologies, verified in practice, designed for the following components:

No. Component name Catalogue No.
1 Transmission 507.10.0020
2 Road wheel 8-32.019
3 Left side transmission 507.11.0011
4 Right side transmission 507.30.0011A-01
5 Tightening wheel 507.30.0011A
6 Tightening crank 507.31.0011
7 Suspension balance lever 514.32.0010
8 Hydraulic shock absorber 507.35.0010
9 Ejector 2S1.04.17
10 Jamz 238N engine
11 2A31 gun with semi-automatic loader