Supplementary armour

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In the last decade, the participation of Polish soldiers in various regional conflicts as stabilisation, arbitration and peacekeeping forces considerably increased. Such operations are connected with a significant risk. In conflict areas, the soldiers of Polish Armed Forces become frequently targets of hidden assaults as well as open hostile actions. In many cases, the hull of their carrier vehicle is the only real obstacle against the enemy actions.  Unfortunately, the majority of carrier vehicles, including armoured personnel carriers, in their basic versions, do not meet the expected security levels of the carried troops.

Taking this into account, WZM S.A. successfully implemented the concept of Modular Up-Armouring Kit for WAPC Ryś, acquiring the level IV protection according to STANAG 4569. The experience gained in this area, the existing human potential and production capabilities allow us to design and manufacture an optimal modular supplementary armour for all types of vehicles used by the Polish Armed Forces. Due to the character of operations in threat areas, we believe that you may become particularly interested in our offer of modular supplementary armour of wheeled armoured personnel carriers. Using our experience, we will optimally adapt the armour to the individual characteristics of any vehicle.Thanks to the supplementary armour, the hull will ensure in every place the crew protection against effects of small arms ammunition, artillery, hand grenades, anti-personnel mines and bombs splinter up to III – IV level according to STANAG 4569. The vehicles hull can be also equipped with an internal anti-blast cover absorbing splinter that can be generated as a result of a projectile or fragments hit against the carrier.

Our products are made of high quality materials, thus, guaranteeing a perfect protection while retaining high mobility of vehicles, as well as simple exchange of destroyed or damaged supplementary armour element. Last but not least, our prices are very competitive while all technical and technological requirements are met.