Modernised infantry fighting vehicle BWP-1 (BWP-1M)
  1. Anti-skid covers were mounted, in order to prevent the crew skids in the armour.
  2. Independent heating of crew department, traction engine and of the fuel was mounted.
  3. Fire extinguishing and anti-explosive system was mounted.
  4. The devices protecting the crew during the running with opened hatches were mounted.
  5. The clearing system was mounted.
  6. Passive night observation device for driver-mechanician was installed.
  7. Electric installation was adapted for firing simulator connection.
  8. Integrated system of vehicle protection against chemical and radioactive contamination and the system of sight and face protection against luminous effect close to nuclear explosion were installed
  9. Passive day and night sight was installed
  10. Diagnostic socket for rapid diagnostics of the propulsion unit was installed
  11. Plates covering sharp parts of periscopes, doors and hatches were installed, increasing the comfort of crew and of assault
  12. Elastomere buffers and shock absorbers increasing the suspension resource between overhauls were installed
  13. Active protection system, using 81 mm blast grenades launcher, was installed
  14. On-board terminal was mounted
  15. Integrated system of internal communication was installed, to ensure the following functions: – phonic communication of the crew – signalisation of alarm states – phonic external communication of the crew using on-board radio post – on-board systems control – wire external phonic communication – total data transmission in radio networks, wire networks and between on-board systems – satellite navigation
  16. Integrated UHF on-board radio post with hopping frequency was installed
  17. The vehicle was equipped with external lights permitting to run on public roads
  18. Floats increasing the vehicle displacement and the resistance against blasts and small calibre ammunition were mounted
  19. Laser radiation self-protection system was installed
  20. Propulsion module easily interchangeable in field conditions using standard tooling equipping overhaul units was installed
  21. Modernised commander observation device was installed
  22. Rubber pads on track chains elements were mounted, permitting to run on public roads without damaging them