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Medical Evacuation Vehicle RYŚ MED

The vehicle was made on WAPC RYŚ basic chassis, destined for:

  • collecting wounded and shocked people from the combat field in direct contact with the enemy, and their evacuation to battalion dressing point,
  • medical first aid (provided by a paramedic), including wounds and injuries dressing, and support of basic life functions,
  • in case of peacekeeping mission: first medical aid including resuscitation and life functions stabilisation in the threat area.


  • 4 persons (driver, commander + 2 paramedics).


  • The vehicle has an add-on armour made of armour plates with composite elements.

Electric installation

  • 12 and 24 V DC electric installation, with two conductors, made in RAYCHEM system, adapted to medical accessories connection (defibrillator, infusion liquids heater, 12 and 24 V DC accessory sockets, and 230 V AC accessory socket).
  • The vehicle is equipped with 2 rotative portable searchlights.

Medical equipment

  • The vehicle is adapted to transport 4 laying or 8 sitting wounded people.
  • The vehicle is equipped with stretcher fastening system and in a loading door.
  • The equipment comprises:  Oxygen installation, oxygen bottles 10 l, handgrips for drips, STANAG 2040 stretchers – 4 pieces, scoop stretchers with spine board stretchers, multiple use orthopaedic collars, orthopaedic splints, and splint with a grip for fast defibrillator fastening.
  • The construction permits to carry the medical equipment, medicaments and portable first aid kits.

Special equipment

  • GPS system
  • UHF station
  • PZUŁW FONET intercom system
  • Laser radiation self-protection system
  • Air-condition
  • Filtro-ventilation system
  • Fire extinguishing and anti-explosive system
  • NBC protection system
  • The vehicle is marked according to WBN-85/1415-01 norm.