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Following constant changes of Polish Armed Forces and technical solutions applied worldwide in the domain of wheeled armoured vehicles construction, we started the construction of modern wheeled armoured vehicle RYŚ 8 x 8. Well prepared chassis architecture concept, totally conform with the Ministry of Defence requirements, gave in result a very good construction.  In 2004, WAPC RYŚ positively passed all tests foreseen for armoured wheeled vehicles for Polish Armed Forces.  The acceptation of the previous assumptions resulted in a large family of vehicles constructed on the WAPC RYŚ chassis.

The most important characteristics of basic WAPC RYŚ 8 x 8 chassis are:

  • modular construction, permitting to service and to repair the vehicle in field conditions,
  • modern Diesel engine, EURO 3 norm compliant, with semi-automatic gear box, guarantying a minimal service scope and low use costs,
  • integrated power transmission group POWER PACK with fast connectors package, with possibility of an exchange in less than 20 minutes,
  • unprecedented low noise level (73 – 87 dBA), measured according to the Polish norm PN-92/S-04051, importantly improves the work conditions in comparison to other vehicles of this type,
  • accommodation to trespass water obstacles swimming, without any special preparation of the vehicle (jump from the boat),
  • central system of wheels pumping, with possibility of smooth pressure regulation in every wheel and to correct the air pressure when the tyres are defected,
  • accommodation to air transport in C-130 HERCULES aircraft as standard NATO armed forces equipment, to railway transport and to transport on low loading trailers.