Supplemental armour military vehicles

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In the last decade, the percentage of soldiers in regional conflicts as stabilising and peacekeeping forces has increased considerably. Such activities are associated with high risk, as soldiers become the target of both hidden attacks and openly hostile actions. Often the hull of their transporting vehicle is the only real protection they have against the enemy. Unfortunately, most transport vehicles, including basic armoured vehicles, do not meet the expected level of safety for the troops carried.

With this in mind, Wojskowe Zakłady Motoryzacyjne S.A successfully created the Modular Add-on system for the KTO Ryś, which offers level 4 protection according to STANAG 4569. This experience, coupled with our workforce potential and manufacturing capabilities enables us to design and implement optimal modular add-ons for any type of vehicle, both wheeled and tracked. We provide optimum tailored armour to protect individual vehicle features. With the use of our add-on system, vehicle hulls provide total protection against small arms fire, rocket attacks and fragments from artillery shells, thrown hand grenades, landmines and bombs for anywhere from levels 3 to 4 acc. to STANAG 4569. Vehicle hulls can also be fitted with an inner spall liner that traps debris generated by impacts on the transporter.

Our add-on armour is made from the highest quality materials. We guarantee excellent protection while maintaining high vehicle traction, as well as fast, efficient exchange of worn or damaged components. Above all, all these technological plusses do not affect the price, which remains very competitive.