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Wojskowe Zakłady Motoryzacyjne S.A. (Military Automotive Works, WZM) have been existing on Polish armament market since 1945. Our long experience and specialised training of our employees permit us to receive in 2000 ISO-9001 and AQAP-110 certificates. Nowadays, WZM S.A. have AQAP-2110 certificate. WZM S.A. in Poznań are situated in the western part of the city, on the area of 280,000 sq.m. The company is located nearby the A-2 Warsaw-Berlin international highway and the international airport, we have also our own railway siding.

Our basic activities are the overhauls and modernisations of tracked and wheeled armoured equipment as well as those of personal and all terrain cars, trucks and buses. Presently, we offer production and services in a very large frame, for Polish Armed Forces needs fulfilment and for individual customers. We are specialised in the production of selected spare parts for the repaired vehicles, production of special devices and tools, control and measurement benches, forms for plastic and rubber products, processing tools, blanking tools, bending dies, patterns, stamping dies and rubber products.